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Auto Comprehensive Insurance Explained

Auto Comprehensive Insurance Explained

We all know that we need to have insurance coverage if we want to drive, but we don’t always understand everything about our policies, especially when it comes to auto comprehensive insurance. Liability and collision coverage take care of expenses if you are involved in an accident. Comprehensive coverage will pay for expenses that arise from incidents that are not accident related. For example, if a tree were to fall on your vehicle (this is referred to as an “act of God”), this insurance will take care of the repairs or replacement.

What Does It Cover?

Many things can happen that cause damage to our vehicles, and we don’t even have to be anywhere near them. This is why we need to have auto comprehensive insurance. Some of the reasons why a person might make a claim include:Auto Comprehensive Insurance Explained

  • The vehicle was stolen.
  • The vehicle was vandalized.
  • Severe weather damaged or destroyed the vehicle.
  • The vehicle was severely damaged by fire.

Not all policies are the same, and the amount of coverage you have is up to you. In some cases there are things that are not covered, but claims are paid in most situations. You can’t make a claim on auto comprehensive insurance if you are in an accident.

How Does It Work?

When you purchase your policy, you will decide on a deductible. This amount will automatically be taken off the top when you make a claim against your insurance. For instance, if your vehicle is stolen, once the insurer decides on the replacement value they will pay that amount, less the deductible. The amount paid will be the fair market value of your vehicle at the time of the claim minus the deductible. Because this could end up being less than what it will cost to get a new vehicle, you may also want to have GAP coverage to pay the rest.

You have a couple of options when it comes to choosing the amount you are going to pay for a deductible. You can either have a high one and a low monthly premium, or you can lower the amount and pay a bit more each month. Just remember, the higher the deductible, the less you will get if you have to file a claim.

How to Get the Best Rates

Getting the best rates for insurance coverage means taking a good hard look at what many different insurers have to offer. You shop around for any big-ticket item, and it should be the same when it comes to buying auto insurance. In this case, shopping around means getting quotes from insurance companies and then choosing the one that has the best rates for the products you want. We can help you get quotes from many different insurers in your area. Using your zip code and the information you provide about your insurance needs, we will find insurers that have the best rates. Then, you can study each one, and make the right decision about your auto comprehensive insurance.