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What is Comprehensive General Liability Insurance?

If you have a vehicle, you need to have insurance coverage. Now, the problem is choosing the type of coverage you need. You may be confused when it comes to the many different types of auto insurance that are available, and not be quite sure what will be best for you. Of course, you can talk to insurance agents about this, but they are going to try to sell you products that you may not want or need. The best thing to do is research and find out as much about the various types of coverage, including comprehensive general liability insurance. Then, you will be able to choose exactly what you need, and you will have a good idea of how much you should be paying.

Comprehensive Insurance Explained

Comprehensive general liability insurance is coverage that is often used by businesses. This type of insurance helps to protect them in the event that they have financial issues, including bankruptcy. These issues need to be a result of claims made against the business that are the fault of the business, including personal injury and property damage. For instance, if an employee were driving a company vehicle and was at fault in an accident, comprehensive insurance would cover them. This type of coverage is much like regular auto liability insurance. Claims are only paid after deductibles are, and the insurance company then pays the expenses that are covered by the policy.

Comprehensive general liability insurance is one of two products that are generally available for businesses. Professional liability coverage is the other option, and this is usually used by those who need to use a vehicle while providing their services.

This type of coverage provides protection if there is an accident where there are bodily injury or property damage claims. This is when it is time to look into an umbrella/comprehensive general liability combination.

Why is this Coverage Good for Businesses?

Depending on the size of a business, if someone driving a company vehicle does have an accident it could mean financial ruin for that business. Having this type of coverage protects businesses from this, and in many cases prevents business owners from filing for bankruptcy. Small business owners can really benefit from comprehensive general liability insurance if there are vehicles that more than one person drives for company purposes. The only big problem here is the fact that the premiums are often quite high, and so are the deductibles, which can be a hindrance for small business owners. This is one of the most-used types of insurance coverage by business owners.

What is Covered?

If you choose to have this type of insurance, you will be covered for such things as property damage and bodily injury if the damages occur while you are using the vehicle in a business capacity. Remember, bodily injury is not actually a part of this type of coverage, but there are provisions for certain medical claims.

What Does it Cost?

How much you pay for comprehensive general liability insurance really depends on the type of business you operate. For instance, if there are aspects of your business that could cause any damages, you may have higher rates than other businesses. Small business owners may not have a lot of extra money, but it is important to make sure that you have all of the coverage you need, or it could cost a lot more later on down the road.

Not All Insurers are the Same

It is important to remember that not all insurance companies offer the same products at the same prices. This is why you really do need to shop around for quotes. If you are a small business owner and need this type of coverage for your company vehicles, you need to make sure you are getting the best prices. After all, in most cases, small businesses are not rich, and owners need to cut back on expenses any way possible. Make sure that you take the time to get quotes from many insurers in your area.

If you want to save time, you can get us to get your quotes for you. We use your zip code to make sure that all quotes are from insurers near you, and we never ask for any other personal information. You simply need to let us know what you need for coverage so we can make sure that you get the best quotes available. Go online today to get your free comprehensive general liability insurance quotes.