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What to Do If You Have Hail Damage

Out of nowhere a storm can suddenly erupt, making you wish you had remembered to roll up the car windows. Even worse, this storm could produce hail the size of golf balls. Now you wish you had also bothered to pull the car into the garage.

When the storm finally ends and the sun begins to peak back through the clouds, you decide to survey the damage. The prognosis – not good. Hail can leave a few minor pock marks, but it can also cause enough cosmetic damage to render the car a “write off.” That means it would cost more to fix the car than to replace it. That’s without even taking into account how badly your windshield or windows could be damaged or even destroyed from hail being pelted at them.

Either way, you are probably looking at some expensive repair or replacement costs. Of course right about now as you begin to file a claim with your auto insurance provider, you are going to be hoping that hail damage is even covered by your car insurance.

Hail & Auto Coverage

It is important to file a claim because you are probably not going to want to pay for the repairs out of your own pocket. This can be an extremely costly problem to fix. Not only that, but if it goes unreported and you have to file a claim for something else down the road, your insurance could deny the claim because of the unreported and unexplained damage.

Of course the most important thing is making sure that your auto insurance even covers hail or storm damage. The scary thing is that too many drivers make the assumption that they will be covered by their policy provider for this type of damage. When it’s time to cover the repair bill they find out their insurance isn’t picking up the tab.

Making Sense of It All

  • So how do you know if you are covered? The best thing to do is contact your policy provider to make sure. Most of the time, your hail damage would be covered if you have comprehensive car insurance.
  • What is comprehensive insurance? Comprehensive is best known for being that part of auto insurance policy coverage that protects you where other types leave off. Things such as fire, storm damage, theft, and even vandalism are usually only covered by comprehensive insurance.
  • Doesn’t comprehensive insurance come with any policy? No! In fact too many drivers who get more than just liability think they are automatically covered for the problems that comprehensive takes care of. There’s lot more to getting your car and yourself as a driver covered than just meeting the state minimum requirements. It’s time for you to get proactive and find out how to get the fullest coverage you need to prevent paying out of pocket for damages.

Don’t take a gamble any longer with your auto insurance coverage. Using just your zip code you can get free quotes to find out what it would cost for comprehensive coverage.